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My name is Madison. I am a New Englander, who is passionate about helping businesses build and develop their brand to achieve their goals. Using an artistic & analytic approach, I specialize in offering a full-service creative marketing plan to help her clients thrive.


With a double major in business & marketing, as well as a double minor in studio art & graphic design, I consider myself a  bit of a utility player.   My skill set specializes in "outside the box" thinking and attentiveness.

I enjoy using my creative and analytical brain to apply strategic marketing concepts to physical ads, websites, social media profiles, and newsletters through design and artistic eyes.

My goal is to find innovative ways to stand out while being functional and practical for the business and consumer.

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Discuss company goals to build a strategy and plan to execute those goals. Custom marketing campaign packages available.

Create & design various materials to advertise & promote your company. Custom designs & concepts available.

Knowledgable in the Adobe Suite.

Knowledgeable in SEO & social media analytics she can help you enhance your online presence while also creating brand consistent content.

Photography, videography & event management/promotion.


Website & Social Media


Marketing Consultant & Web

Marketing & Social Media


Web Design

Website Redesign

Website Design & Marketing

Labels & Branding


Marketing Consultant & Web


Website & Content Creator


Marketing Director


Marketing Director


Web Designer


Social Media & Web


Dr. Rob Weinstein, MWSG

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Madison. I believe we represent her first website for a healthcare practice. Throughout the process Madison demonstrated an ability to present our practice utilizing her creativity while assuring the necessary professionalism. Although almost 240 miles apart, Madison communicated very well, achieving the necessary back and forth to create a beautiful and highly effective website. She is also warm and friendly and explains her thoughts and ideas very clearly. We strongly recommend her work and see her as being an asset to any business.

Emily Garrett, LRY

Working with Madison is a huge sigh of relief.  Each meeting we have she listens carefully, adds her ideas, and comes up with an overall strategy that both maintains the integrity of our brand and utilizes her extensive marketing skills to expand our reach and build our client base.  I hired Madison after many hours of agonizing over how to do my own marketing and it was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business.  When we pivoted our business from in person to online during Covid, Madison built us a new website within weeks! Her work was instrumental in not only keeping us afloat, but growing.

Corey Williams, MRB

I have had the pleasure of working with Madison Lamothe for the last two years. Her professionalism and wide range of skills makes her an ideal employee. Madison handles many different tasks for us. She designs labels to match our products, she does the social media communication, and she works events to market the product. Her communication skills are second to none, whether in writing or in person. Madison is always my favorite person to work events with, because she interacts so well with the public. She is an asset to any business that needs her skills.


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